The only locations currently supported are: ratty, vdub, jos, andrews, and blueroom. More locations may be added in the future. Check the /wifi/locations endpoint (documented below) for the most up-to-date information.

Count Users at a Location

Endpoint: /wifi/count

  • location: one of the locations listed above (string)
  • history (optional): if true, measurements from the past hour will be returned (boolean)

Returns: A JSON dictionary of the form:

    {'location': STRING, 
     'timestamp': FLOAT (Unix Timestamp),
     'count': INTEGER}

Or, if the history parameter is true, the response will contain multiple timestamps and counts, such as:

    {'location': STRING, 
     'history': [{'timestamp': FLOAT, 'count': INTEGER},
                 {'timestamp': FLOAT, 'count': INTEGER},

How to get the current number of users at the Ratty...


How to get the number of users at the Blue Room over the past hour...


Get All Location Names

Endpoint: /wifi/locations
Parameters: None.
Returns: A list of location names in the form:

    {'locations': [STRING, STRING, ...}

How to get all the currently offered locations...