About Us

Brown APIs is a team of students dedicated to making Brown University campus data readily available to students so that they can create amazing apps, websites, and more. We have recently transitioned into an open source project, and you can view and contribute to our project on Github. Below is a list of our past and present contributors.

Alex Sekula

Alex is a freshman taking computer science and applied math classes. He worked on the website with Josh.

Harrison Pincket

Harrison enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and jacuzzis. He also works on the API for course data.

Joe Engelman

Joe is the founder and director of Brown APIs. He's a junior taking courses in design, architecture, modern culture and media, and computer science.

Joe Stein

Joe likes brewing beer, eating food, and playing guitar. He's responsible for the Laundry API.

Josh Roy

Josh is a freshman taking courses in computer science and engineering. He just joined the APIs team and worked on this website with Alex.

Justin Brower

Justin is a junior studying Computer Science who likes producing electronic music, playing the kazoo and leading / planning API workshops.

Kendal Cockrel

Kendal is a junior studying computer science and ethnic studies at Brown. She is currently working on updating the laundry API.